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The many and varied services and products offered by the Cantonal Banks can be individually tailored to your needs. Visit the website of your Cantonal Bank and find out about its wide product offering.

 The Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks represents the common interests of all 24 cantonal banks and fosters cooperation between them. In banking and business matters, the Association coordinates and combines the positions of the cantonal banks.

Beware of «phishing e-mails»

A growing number of «phishing» e-mails are currently in circulation. «phishing» is a type of fraud using supposedly reputable e-mails and websites to obtain people’s confidential personal data. Be vigilant and protect your personal data. More…


Various regulatory proposals are still pending or in preparation in the financial services industry. Many of these also affect Cantonal Banks. Here you will find the statements of the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks (ASCB).

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Positionspapier der Kantonalbanken zur Eigenmittelregulierung

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